Infos und Kontakt: Redaktion 

Filip Andronik, Art Kino Kriterion Sarajevo


Elena Messner and Jenny Dünser met comic artist Filip Andronik in Sarajevo and had the pleasure to assist at one of his public drawing sessions at the local cultural center Art Kino Kriterion.


Filip is published in German in the Viennese cultural magazine Triëdere.  He is the creator and author of a Bosnian comic book series titled Amnezijia, the superhero with amnesia, which was honored by the Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, two of his comic books were printed as books. He is the president of the Association Another angle that is dedicated to the promotion of the comic scene in Bosnia. He is organizing comic festivals, exhibitions and workshops, and also works as an illustrator. He is the initiator of the largest comic blog in Bosnia.